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healthcare nt sickcare (rated 4.8 on Google) works in medical diagnostics

Before any major prescription is assigned, a solid diagnosis is required. healthcare nt sickcare can help you check your body's condition whether for a regular checkup or to figure out the damage by your affliction. Then, depending on the range of symptoms and overall the patient's medical history, specialized diagnostic procedures may be essential. For example, laboratory diagnostics are performed for a better evaluation of the organism's inner works that are otherwise impossible to interpret.

By dialling this number: +91 97660 60629 Punekars can reach to avail our healthcare service in 24hrs

You may find to reach our facility at the following address: Office No2A, Omkar Complex, New DP Road, Aundh, Pune 411007 (Near Shantiniketan Society Gate).

What does healthcare nt sickcare do?

  • Our vision is to simplify healthcare by making quality healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient

  • healthcare nt sickcare connects the major health ecosystem, patients, doctors, diagnostics, and other partners, to generate exceptional value and service for all, esp. The end-receivers (patients). We integrate different parts of the healthcare journey and put them together end-to-end on our platform so that patients can have one seamless healthcare experience, irrespective of their needs.

What are the services offered by healthcare nt sickcare for patients?

What measures does healthcare nt sickcare have in place to protect user data security and privacy?

The safety of your data is our top priority. We have multi-level security checks, multiple data backups, and stringent policies in place to ensure your data remains secure. We take data privacy and security seriously. All data on Practo is secured with 256-bit encryption on HIPAA compliant servers.

When was healthcare nt sickcare established?

healthcare nt sickcare is a clinical laboratory in Aundh, established in 2007 in Pune. We offer patients a comprehensive range of preventive health care plans and laboratory tests. Be it allergies, Cardiac Issues, HIV, thyroid, arthritis, hepatitis, diabetes, renal or liver concerns, anaemia, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal tests or any other, healthcare nt sickcare bring to you the newest in testing apparatus and techniques. Reporting Methods are also state-of-the-art at healthcare nt sickcare. Our logistics and processes are meticulously streamlined to ensure accuracy, safety, and access to results. On top of all this, with a team of specialists who are experienced and well-trained in a lasting, healthy and happy life.

Why is healthcare nt sickcare?

healthcare nt sickcare is a popular diagnostic centre in Aundh, Pune. We bring to you a fine range of extensive preventive health packages that not only help identify bodily conditions well in time to reverse them but also facilitate staying away from diseases and illnesses, to begin with. Apart from routine examinations, we have special Hormonal Tests and Packages, Allergy Tests, Vitamins Tests, Cardiac Profiles, Anaemia profiles, Diabetes Tests, Infectious Diseases and HIV Tests, Thyroid Profile, Pregnancy Profile, Hepatitis profiles and Infertility Profile, among others. Others include Praanaya 2.0, Quick Health Check, Basic Health Analysis Profile Hap67, Vitamins Deficiency Package, Praanaya Preventive Profile Checkup, Comprehensive Health Profile Checkup, Arthritis Profile, Infectious Diseases Profiles, Vitamin Profiles, Fertility Profiles, Thrombophilia profiles and more.

Other than preventive check-ups, we also bring to you over 400 individual tests that can be availed using a valid doctor’s prescription. You can book online or by calling on +91 97660 60629. For those who do not have the conveniences or the privilege of being able to visit them personally to get tests done, we offer home care services. The specimen will be collected from homes at the designated time and the results delivered over email and courier to your doorstep.